Behold the Negroni.  A historic cocktail.  Boozy, bitter, and sweet, yet refreshing too. A grand opener to any meal or a distinguished order at a proper bar — the Negroni emits power, class, and gravitas.  Somehow though the world has become lost on all of these very obvious facts.  The Negroni has faded from the public consciousness, while it’s old contemporaries — the Martini, the Manhattan, and the Old Fashioned — have surged in popularity.  Worse, charlatans like the Margarita, the Hurricane, and the, gulp, Cosmopolitan are more commonplace in American vernacular than the Negroni.  

This is frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be.  The Negroni is on the rise in 2018 and it will — nay it must — ascend to its rightful throne as the greatest cocktail that ever was.  And we can help.  The Feast & the Froth is committed to Negroni proliferation.  By sharing your Negroni photographs we can showcase this most venerated of drinks in all the glory it deserves.  

Submit the pics, participate in the contests, and maybe even write a haiku.  Negronis love haikus. Close cousins of the Negroni — namely the Boulevardier and Mezcal Negronis are happily accepted and celebrated too.  Submissions should be sent to by 12/31/18 and will be posted on this page, along with any and all other relevant information that The Feast and the Froth can scrounge up. 

The prize is $50 worth of bitcoin.  NBD.

Thanks for fighting the good fight.  Negronis for life.


Summer is not the season of the Negroni, every season is the season of the Negroni. In other words, drink endless negronis.  Thanks for the submission, @fast_jabroni!


1 of 2 of Negroni Submissions from Zermatt, Switzerland. Word on the street says a “shit ton” of Negroni’s were consumed.


2 of 2 submissions from Zermatt, Switzerland.


The Matterhorn, a mountain that wasn’t hiked due to a “shit-ton” of Negronis