As someone who sneaks pizza from his wife and also drinks heavily, I feel I am a more than competent guide to the food and beverage scene of the Connecticut Shoreline and the Craft Breweries that extend throughout our state.

This site is meant to be fun, playful, and honest.  The posts are eclectic, but aim to strike a  balance between valuable information and humor, with some interesting knowledge sprinkled in.  The posts are also long-form.  If you want the quick takeaways, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll get a concise overview.

Further, the site is meant to be positive.  I’m not here to tear down establishments, trash their names, and make them look bad.  There is nothing more pathetic than an angry Yelper.  The restaurants, bars, and breweries I cover are places that I enjoy and would recommend others to try.  This is not to say that every single thing I say about them will be complimentary, but that by writing about them, I am vouching for them.

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