CT Beer March Madness 2020: State Championship

It all comes down to this, folks.  Fox Farm vs. Counterweight for the 2020 Connecticut Beer State Championship.

Counterweight (1) took down Kent Falls (2) in the first semifinal, denying the state of the Agricultural Armageddon, and likely famine.  They are heroes for this, but it’s also sad to see Kent Falls go!

In the second semifinal, Fox Farm (1) defeated NEBCO (1) in a highly anticipated affair.  For many across the state, NEBCO is the standard.  Fox Farm taking them down is a statement screamed loud across our fair, bucolic, pristine, quaint, and vibrant lands.

So who ya got?  Both finalists roll off the tongue when discussing the best breweries in the state.  Both outfits are relatively young with Fox Farm opening in 2016 and Counterweight hitting the scene in 2017.  And lastly both breweries are ambitious and expanding.  Fox Farm is renovating another building on their grounds, while Counterweight is moving to a new and presumably grander Cheshire location.  We are lucky to have access to these two elite beer-makers!

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Hartford Regional

Hartford Regional

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New Haven Regional

New Haven Regional

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Mystic Regional

Mystic Regional

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Stamford Regional

Stamford Regional Bracket

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  1. First Place Bracket – $100
  2. Second Place Bracket – $50
  3. Most Social Media Shares – $50 *tag @feastandfroth whenever you share*. Tiebreaker is most votes overall