CT Brewery March Madness 2020: Final Four

Oh the pageantry, the spectacle, the achievement –– the CT BREWERY MARCH MADNESS FINAL FOUR is here!

The Elite Eight games saw the top seeds take care of business.  While there weren’t any blowouts, each winner held poll position from start to finish.  Fat Orange Cat (3) gave a late push to Fox Farm (1) in the Mystic Regional, while Two Roads (4) kept it tight throughout against Kent Falls (2) in Stamford but, alas, the higher seeds prevailed.

So what to look for in the State Semi-Finals…

The two farm breweries avoided each other in what could’ve only been titled the AGRICULTURAL ARMAGEDDON.  As foretold ages ago by the Connecticut Beer Gods, the loser’s half of of the state would be ravaged by famine.  Thankfully this prophecy didn’t come true.

Fox Farm (1) takes on NEBCO (1) in the first semifinal, while Counterweight (1) faces Kent Falls (2) in the second semifinal.  The wisdom of the crowd didn’t fail here folks, every single one of these breweries aren’t just formidable beer-makers in this state, but in the country.  It’s a great group left standing!

Semifinals better

Hartford Regional

Hartford Regional

Here is the link for the Hartford Regional Bracket

New Haven Regional

New Haven Regional

Here is the link for the New Haven Regional Bracket

Mystic Regional

Mystic Regional

Here is the link for the Mystic Regional Bracket

Stamford Regional

Stamford Regional Bracket

Here is the link for the Stamford Regional Bracket

*Remaining voting rounds are the Final Four and the Connecticut State Championship*


  1. First Place Bracket – $100
  2. Second Place Bracket – $50
  3. Most Social Media Shares – $50 *tag @feastandfroth whenever you share*. Tiebreaker is most votes overall