Greetings in these extraordinary times. I’ve created a site page devoted to up-to-date and detailed information regarding Connecticut Beer options.

The situation for CT Breweries is incredibly fluid. Hours, offerings, and availability are subject to change and these small businesses are really trying to figure out what works in extremely difficult circumstances.

As such, don’t take the data below as absolute. I am one person doing my best to provide the most detailed information for CT Beer consumers that I can. If you find something in the table that is incorrect, please let me know – I can easily fix it.

I have broken down options for each Connecticut Brewery into four categories. The first is whether they are offering beer and what type of takeaway option they are providing – cans or growlers. The second is the type of pick-up. SP = scheduled pick-up (calling or ordering online), DT = drive-through option, Anytime = you can pick up beer anytime they’re open. The third deals with the hours they are open, probably the hardest category to pin down, while the final column states whether or not they offer gift certificates.

GIVING TIPS & BUYING GIFT CERTIFICATES are awesome gestures! If you are buying from a brewer directly, consider doing this.

Lastly, if you do venture out for beer, return directly home. Use disinfectants to wipe everything down and limit contact as much as possible during pick-ups. If you want to do social pics / videos, do them in your house alone with family. Everyone should be overacting. Everyone should be self-isolating and holding the mindset that we are already asymptomatic carriers.

Generations of Americans fought and died for their country, we just need to stay the fuck home. Flatten the goddamned curve people. Let’s do this.

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