CT Brewery March Madness: Narrowing the field to 68…

Here is the first round of voting! This is all about narrowing the field down to 68. There are 40 automatic bids selected already, this voting determines the final 28 at-large bids. This voting will be open for one week.

You can vote for as many as 30 CT breweries or as little as one. One email = one round of voting. If an email submits more than one round of voting, only the first round will be valid.

Please SHARE this! The more people we get involved, the more entertaining this should be. I’m pumped – LFG CT!

Choose *up to* 30 breweries to nominate. The breweries with the most votes will be added to our field of 68. Cheers!

To qualify for the below prizes, you must subscribe here…


  1. First Place Bracket – $100
  2. Second Place Bracket – $50
  3. Most Social Media Shares – $50 *tag @feastandfroth whenever you share*. Tiebreaker is most votes overall.

*Also, an assortment of swag and goodies from local Connecticut retailers will be up for grabs. They will be released when the field is narrowed to 68. Have to subscribe to be eligible to win.*