Little House Interview: Beer Banter! *P1* (VIDEO)

Every interview the Feast and Froth conducts has two sections. The first is the “Brewery Overview”, everything you need to know about our featured brewers’ journey in opening and running a Connecticut brewery. You can watch Little House’s Brewery Overview here.

The second section of each interview is what we call “Beer Banter!”, which discusses personal opinions on the world of craft beer. In this video Sam and Carlisle from Little House Brewing Company identify their favorite and least favorite style of beer, best brewery experiences, predicted trends in craft beer, and what their personal “gateway” beer was.

The three parts of this section will be released BACK to BACK to BACK this week. I’ve also written a review about Little House right here…

Video work was done by True Colors Productions. Contact them for your wedding and small business needs. They are incredible.

huge thanks to Sam, Carlisle, and, of course, Kirby for their time!  Enjoy