Friday Froth – Sleepy Bee – 9/7/18


NameSleepy Bee
Style: Kölsch 
Brewer: Little House Brewing Company
Location: Chester, CT

The weekend after Labor Day has a crippling identity crisis.  Are you a weekend that beckons us towards New England shores for one last time?  Does your siren song guide us to rivers and lakes and fire to relive the last remnants of what once was a long summer, very much in front of us at one point in time?  Or do you demand change?  A shift towards fairs and fests, orchards and leaf peeping — however premature. 

It’s for this most confusing of weekends that The Feast & the Froth has chosen Sleepy Bee from Little House Brewing Company in Chester, CT — a honey Kölsch — as our beer of the week. The Kölsch is the most bewildering of styles.  I mean what really are you, sir or madame?  Yes you do have top-fermenting yeast, which definitely makes you an ale, but, of course, after that yeast is activated, you are lagered at cold temperatures to take on the characteristics of those other cold-brewed beers. 

And with the upcoming Oktoberfest season approaching — why am I even drinking you?  For solidarity with the greatest beer drinking event in the world that is plummeting towards us, but not quite here yet?  Or for the crisp, refreshing, bitter, and fruity profile that is perfect for a hot summer day.


All of these questions — a stable of them really — trot to the back of a barn after your first sip of Sleepy Bee, for it’s a flawless homage to the style, and is deserved of your full attention.  The beer has a moderate yellow hue, which turns straw in the sun, but a golden shade by a summer’s fire.  There is little froth to the beer and the carbonation is minimal — a characteristic of the style.  Sleepy Bee is just an incredibly drinkable craft beer and really can be utilized in a variety of settings.  Yes, it does lean more closely to a summer beer — the fruity notes at the height of each sip, with the underlying honey reducing the bitter finish by a degree does scream warm weather— but the nuance of the flavor and the low 4.9% ABV means that this beer can be substituted into a variety of day drinking endeavors, no matter the season.  This might be sacrilege to some, but I actually think it could be a great Sunday Football beer.  Something to ease the pain of every single one of your fucking fantasy teams tanking, while also adding an elevated quality and flavor to your indulgence, without shattering your Monday morning.  

Where to buy it!  The tap room of recently opened Little House Brewing Company in Chester, CT.  It’s worth a trip!
Local Comparisons! Leave notes in the comment sections if I’m wrong here, but I don’t know many CT breweries that crank out Kölsch.  Captain Lawrence’s Clearwater Kölsch and Berkshire Brewing Company’s Gold Spike Ale are two *relatively* local beers that you could buy and try Sleepy Bee alongside with.
CT Beer Events! Noah Webster Real Ale Harvest Fest — September 8th, 2018.  Two sessions (2-5pm & 6-9pm).  Tickets are limited. 24 Breweries bringing their best cask ales!  It’s unique event and a must if you are into this style of ale and rare beer.